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Working to bring writers and their plot bunnies to a peaceful and creative end.

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This is a place where plot bunnies come together with the writers who need or want them. We've all had plot bunnies run amok and nearly kill us with the need to be written. And unfortunately, we've all had those moments where we want to write. Need to write. Just don't know what we're supposed to write and we need a little push! Well, here's where those two meet.

If you have a plot bunny to share, just post with the tag plot bunny, the fandom and a character description (optional). Example: Plot bunny, Doctor Who, Jack, Ten.

If you want or need a plot bunny, same general idea. Just use request, the fandom and the characters. Example: Request, Farscape, John Crichton, Chiana.

If it's a crossover just include both fandoms after request or plot bunny.

When you write a response fic to a bunny that's been posted, post a link to the request and also (if possible) make a comment in the original request thread so the supplier knows that a fic's been produced! :) Thanks!

We accept all kinds, all genres and all styles of fanfic except that which exploits or promotes the exploitation of children. If you're looking for that, look elsewhere. This is not the comm you seek.